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‘Dr.Dick is amongst the most remarkable chaps it’s been my luck to work with and to know. He was a millionaire back when that meant something - and he’s been broke. He’s been at the Harley Street top of his profession - and he’s been in jail. Superb doctor, wise counsellor, highly successful security field operative, author, soldier, sometime mercenary,  dangerously outspoken critic of bullshit and bullshitters everywhere. And he's been my doctor for years. This brave man has led the fullest of lives yet he’s never lost the human touch. I’m proud to call him my colleague and my friend. What a chap!’

Being the collected memoirs, opinions, tales and terrors of Dr.Dick Richards MD, doctor, soldier, author, mercenary and part-time hit man [Gold Medal, Ret'd].

You’ll find something new here every few days.

It may please you, inform you, irritate you, offend you,.. but you can be absolutely sure of one thing,

......  it will never bore you.


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Patrick, the Lord Broughshane [Security Controller, 1985]

[It almost makes me blush to read this. [Dr.Dick]

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