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Including sections on:-


Fundamental Meditation


Hypnosis and self-hypnosis


Psychic Command

Sexual Sorcery

Lucid Dreaming

Astral Projection

Toxic Prayer

         Remote viewing




This book claims that great sections of the human brain have abilities and conduct functions and activities largely unrecognised and, so far, not accepted by some of the logical sciences. We shall set out, first, to explain these curious ‘silent’ areas of the brain, - that, indeed, they are anything but silent. The next aim will be to show and explain some of the things that the human brain does, as part of its day to day routine, and which utilise these ‘hidden’ functions.


Finally, the bulk of the book is devoted to teaching the interested reader and would-be practitioner how to train and become adept in these remarkable yet scarcely known phenomena.


You may laugh, scorn and deride or you may study avidly and seriously. But one thing is sure, - if you master any of the techniques your personal abilities, strengths and powers, physical, mental and emotional, will be substantially amplified. I never yet met anyone who was not pleased to have learned any or all of the facilities and who did not find the knowledge advantageous.


In short, if you learn, things will never be the same again.



In the following pages will be addressed a total of four superficially different subjects. Indeed, there are considerable  and very real distinctions to be made between them.  However, there are also areas of similarity,.. zones where they overlap in some aspect or other. Foremost amongst these is that they all depend on simple, universal and easily trainable mental-cum-psychic processes. Of course, this means, to some of the more unimaginative or matter-of-fact folk, that they are non-subjects,.. subjects which don’t really exist at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. They certainly do exist. They are potentially present in everyone. They are currently being researched in scientific facilities in several parts of the world. If you are one of those who instinctively jump to the kind of conclusion that denies seemingly ‘strange’ phenomena then possibly the book may not be for you. However, if you are amongst those who retain curiosity,  interest and an open mind  one promise can be made, - you are about to read material collected over a lifetime and which has the capacity, - or even more, the strong likelihood, - that it will soon influence your views and expand your abilities to your great advantage and for the rest of your life.


There are lots of people who we might think of as ‘odd-blind’ in a similar way to those who are colour blind or those who have frequency deafness. Colour blind people can see perfectly well in most ways but the ability to distinguish certain colours can be congenitally absent. Similarly, some people are deaf to sounds produced in certain frequencies though they may hear other sounds quite well.


The same, in a way, is true of those who are ‘odd-blind.’ Neat, precise shapes and patterns, accurate descriptions, mathematical formulae, irrefutable logic are all entirely understandable to them. But suggest that someone has ‘second-sight’ or that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden or that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of even in the wildest moments,.. and they are flummoxed. Lost. Not only can they not hear flowers or see the songs of birds or experience the thoughts of the sea. They are likely to deny that anyone else can do so either. They have no conception of ghosts and gods and wonders and miracles. For them everything can be reduced to the product and workings of the human mind. They can stand in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, or the centre of the Stonehenge circle or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and see and hear nothing but stones and paintings and sermons. They totally lack that sense-of-something-else that exists in some other people. Not for them the magic of the top notes in ‘Sound an Alarm’ or the mystical depths of a Housman poem. Not for them to wonder why new born babies have that blank look,.. they will never understand that that newborn baby is a bit like a computer,.. it is slowly booting up and until it has completed its routine it will remain fathomless.


Other people are far more easily transported. Bad news on the radio can generate a tear. They know they can feel the grass growing. They are moved by unseen things and undescribed emotions.


This is why some people can be so easily hypnotised,.. poets and dreamers are easy subjects. So are those used to obeying orders,.. soldiers, policemen and so on. Accountants and logicians on the hand are notably more difficult to hypnotise. The same is true of some of the other subjects to be dealt with here. ‘Astral Projection’ [AP] to some does not exist. To others it is a regular experience. Some people have frequent Out of Body Experiences [OBEs] others never have them. Many can quickly and easily learn Psychic Command [PC] and how to manipulate others through so-called Sexual Sorcery or who can wreak considerable havoc by excercising their capacity for Toxic Prayer,.. which, incidentally, does not involve any imaginary supernatural ‘friends.’  Remote Viewing [RV] is another such subject. Many insist that there is no such thing. Others know without question that there is. Lucid dreams [LD] happen all the time to many people especially when they have trained and become proficient in induction techniques. Others vehemently deny their very existence.


As the present writer, I have spent much of a lifetime studying, reading and practicing these various phenomena and training myself to become not expert perhaps, but probably competent and certainly experienced. I do not claim expertise but I have no doubt that I am amongst those who have the most personal experience of the phenomena, how to train in them and how to use them to one’s immense personal benefit.


To start with these things seem strange, - almost impossible. Yet exist they do. They are within your abilities to study and use. The remarkable power of your mind is way greater than you ever thought. You can work wonders. You can do secret, astonishing things without anyone else in the world even knowing what you do or even that you are doing anything at all. The potential is dramatic. The potential is huge. The power is alarming. And it is at your fingertips if you wish it.


So, whether you want to be a remote viewer,.. to visit secret or forbidden places unseen or unknown,.. if you want to incline others to like you, or members of the opposite sex to regard you favourably,.. if you want to learn how to hypnotise others or yourself [the latter, a most useful weapon in one’s armamentarium] either by direct contact or by distant hypnotherapy,.. if you want to influence your own life and the relationships towards you felt by others then this is probably as good a place as any to start.


The four facilities to be dealt with all start in the same way. They then lead on to become subjects of their own. As the simplest of all is also the first stage of the subsequent subjects it is appropriate to start with it first. Thus the first section will deal with the influence of mind, brain function and brain waves, time-space and non-locality. After that Meditation, Hypnosis, Psychic Command and Remote Viewing each have their own sections.




Do you ever get so tired and washed out that you feel exhausted? Like most of us you probably do. But did you know that there exists a simple way to give yourself a boost, to relax and reinvigorate your body in mere minutes so that even when you feel worn out you can  suddenly scrape up the extra energy needed for a while,.. perhaps to complete a tiring but important task?


The system is called  Fundamental Meditation. It has nothing to do with Indian traditions, Hinduism or self-styled gurus. But it is possible for you to learn its techniques and start benefitting within forty eight hours.


Do you ever feel a bit less than you should? A bit below par? Perhaps you have a particular fear or phobia that bugs you and impairs your life style. Do you ever wish you had more confidence? Do you wish you could give good after dinner talks? Do you wish you could overcome your tendency to get overweight? What about your sexual performance? Would you like to enhance that and achieve a higher performance level?


Would you like to gain promotion,.. earn a bigger salary,.. give up smoking,.. get over your fear of learning to drive,.. or of travelling by air? Well, there is a simple home technique for learning how to accomplish all these things and more.


It is called hypno-autohypnosis which, put more simply, just means self-hypnosis. It is a routine you can learn within a week. Having learned you can use it to improve yourself and your abilities in dozens of ways,.. and for free.


Do you ever wish you could be one of these people who seem to be just downright lucky? These are the people who make friends easily, overcome their obstacles, exceed their expectations. Conversely, have you ever wished you could slow down a foe, overcome and vanquish an enemy, succeed with the opposite sex beyond your wildest dreams,.. or perhaps do some serious harm to a competitor without infringing the law and without the target ever knowing that you are exerting remote influence. There is such a way,


It is called Psychic Command. It can be used to help yourself or to harm others. It has a special field of application known as Sexual Sorcery,.. a description of which is scarcely necessary. Another of its abilities lies in what is called Toxic Prayer. Little to do with religious prayers but a way to bring about disasters for loathed enemies personal or national.


Finally, have you ever wished you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ in some circumstances? Have you wished you could see what goes on behind closed doors? Have you ever wished you could see plans, watch activities, read secrets or overhear something really valuable to yourself or your aims in life?


There is a way. It is by learning and mastering the techniques of Remote Viewing and its adjuncts such as Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming.


It is remarkable that these abilities, which are available to any and every human individual, are so little written or spoken about that most people hardly know they exist.




Section One:


I. Mental Management and Mind-power Training

On any short walk through any town you will probably pass, unknowingly, people who believe they can remember past incarnations, who believe in homoeopathic medicine, aromatherapy, crystal influence and Bach flower remedies,.. who can contact the spirit world, who believe they can receive and transmit ‘vibrations’ and ‘energy’, whatever they mean by those, all over the universe, into the future and even back in time.


This book is not for them. The harmless ones,.. which is the majority, can be ignored The obsessed ones are best avoided as experimental ‘psychic’ beginnings and flirtations with witchcraft can develop into hazardous hatreds and besotted stalking. They can become a menace to all parties or even lead to illegal consequences.


On the other hand mention, to some people at the other extreme the phenomena of Out-of Body Experiences [OBE], Near-Death-Experiences [NDE], hypnosis and such like and it is as if you had claimed that crop circles are caused by extra-terrestrial forces or aliens in flying saucers. Apparently perfectly sane people will believe in ‘water-into-wine ‘miracles, transubstantiation, resurrection of the human body or burning bushes yet then recoil in horror from absolute scientific, logical truths like evolution, Psychic Command [PC] and Remote Viewing [RV].


Read almost any book on ‘alternative’ medicine or visit almost any website concerned with Spirit-Mind-Body-Shamanism-energy fields- telepathy and so on and you will be subjected to an enormous barrage of highfalutin jargon. Here is a genuine example:  ‘... By psychically manipulating the shakra energy field connection between man and the unified field of his environment the latent lines of force flowing thorough his biophysical body can be changed thereby also altering the parameters of his reality.’ Now, I’ve been a scientist-physician for approaching half a century and I still can’t understand that sentence. Maybe the original writer could understand it but to me, and I suspect to most, it comes over not as a communicated statement but as vacuous, impenetrable jargon. Indeed, it is probably an attempt to pull the wool over someone’s eyes and give the impression that that sort of wordy nonsense is real, profound data. It is, of course, meaningless gibberish.


In addition to this sort of useless verbiage there has been, in some areas, deliberate secrecy imposed by security authorities. This has been done in much the same way as data concerning UFOs, visiting aliens and the Roswell incident has been denied, hidden or otherwise obfuscated. Disinformation and denigration techniques have created, rather successfully, the idea that the whole concept does not really exist and is merely the product of human imagination and wishful thinking.


Browse the internet or look in the book store and you will find oodles of material and promotional advertising that promise to teach you ‘how to find yourself’ and how to ‘unleash your hidden powers’ and so on. If that’s what you want all well and good. But you will not find that sort of hollow drivel here.


Let me, as author of this introductory work, declare my own position. I am qualified doctor of medicine,.. my  own vocational field of work in which I have worked for over three decades. I was and remain, though not practicing, an ordained priest. I also hold degrees in science, in theological history and in computer architecture. I have worked in research into scientific subjects. I do not believe in magic or miracles or little green men. But I do believe,.. because I have researched, studied and used them,.. that there are fields of discovery concerning human brain and mind function which demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that phenomena previously denied and ridiculed do exist and are capable of utilisation by the vast majority of intelligent people.


It is nothing less than a tragedy that the entire field of mental training and mind management has been infiltrated and exploited by charlatans, quacks and con artists. This tragedy has unfolded much as a result of real scientists and leaders scorning their existence. Perhaps such scorn was understandable in earlier times when our knowledge was far less than it is now. There is no longer this excuse. The studies of quantum physics and advanced technology no longer leave any room for such old-fashioned knee-jerk reactions. It is a fact that, up until now, one of the most effective of human attributes has been made a subject for scorn, disbelief and dismissal by intelligent people and investigative research scientists alike, - all of whom should have known better. That must now change.


For hypnosis, meditation, psychic attack and pollution, remote viewing and so on are absolutely real things. They can be studied, learned and used. Indeed, we have a very special part of the body that exists, at least in part, for precisely that reason. There are other advantages of mastering these techniques. For example they find extensive use in memory training, in countering insomnia, in helping with sexual difficulties, in overcoming anxieties, combatting depression and in the treatment of many phobias and neuroses.


Now let the story steadily unfold itself.





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