Impotence and it's Management

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'100 pages of sheer brilliance.'

'I wish I could have read it as a younger man!'




Its Home Therapy and Management.

The Twenty Minute Miracle Method for Men


After years of intensive research
and study, the truth is finally revealed
about topics previously considered to be
unsuitable for public discussion

* * *

BabyShoe Publications
No.1. CT13 9DL.

* * *

'I would simply never have believed it!'

* * *



Chapter One: The Nature of the Beast.

Chapter Two: All You Need to Know About Impotence.

Chapter Three: Self-Assessment and Self-Help.

Chapter Four: Sex Therapy at Home.

Chapter Five: A Word to Her.

Chapter Six: The Magical Extras.


* * *


The introduction to this book has one purpose only.
To issue advice and


There is absolutely no substitute for proper,
informed and thorough medical care. No-one who is ill
or has even the suspicion of being less than one
hundred per cent fit should start on a training or
unsupervised health programme. Any man who is impotent
should most certainly talk to his doctor,.. or another
doctor elsewhere if confidentiality is in question. He
should seek expert help either from his family
physician or via him from a more highly qualified
specialist if needed.

This book does not attempt to be a substitute for
adequate professional medical care. No such substitute
is possible.

The aim of the book is to provide information and
guidance. It should be read as well as and alongside
gaining access to full professional supervision.

If you are impotent the see your doctor.

* * * * *

There is no known better way to treat and put an end
to a man's impotence than to ensure he can have sex
within minutes of choosing to. And that is what this
programme can do. There are no ifs or buts. There are
no half-promises, hidden clauses, problems or expenses.
There is no more outlay needed than the time to read
this short book and practice its techniques.

As you read you will discover that crippling and
humiliating though impotence is, it can be overcome in
almost every case. The Twenty Minute Miracle Method is
an astonishing short cut to successful sex. Yet even it
can be improved upon. There are ways to prepare for
its remarkable impact that even further enhance its
success. There are training routines that increase the
odds. There are magical extras, unknown to all but a
few doctors and wealthy people, that can re-tune your
entire sexual system. There are ways to enlarge the
male organ and tighten the female one too,.. and make
both more sensitive and more thrilling to each partner.
There are loads of sexual ideas and tricks that can
improve your entire sex-life. There is information
that can broaden your entire view of sex and everything
to do with it.

And all this goes for women as well as men!

All of these things amplify the already astonishing
success rate of the Miracle Method. Yet they are, for
the most part, easy, do-it-yourself techniques. At a
general estimate a massive one third of impotence
sufferers will achieve erection within the first half-
dozen episodes of intercourse by the method. Using the
preliminary training routines and the magical extras
the figure goes up to two thirds. That is already a
success rate undreamed of twenty years ago. And it
doesn't end there.

If all else fails there are still other methods that
can be used to combat impotence. You will find them
here explained in detail too. Added up it seems fair
to estimate that upwards of an enormous ninety five per
cent of impotent men can be helped, improved or totally
cured by using the methods contained in this book.

And all should be able to have sex,.. and enjoy it.

* * *

Dr.Arthur Daniker is a world-renowned MD who is
founder and director of a prominent sexual therapy
facility. Read what he has to say:-

"Impotence is one ailment that really dampens
a man's pride and enjoyment of life. It can be utterly
shattering to realise that you just can't perform any
more. Impotence is a health problem of huge
proportions concerning millions, yes millions of men
whose sex lives range from repeatedly disappointing to
totally disastrous.

'But my research and experience has proven
that any man can make himself immune to the heart-break
of impotence. There really is a way,.. an astounding
antidote to the crisis of impotence. It is rightly
called the Twenty Minute Miracle because it works
wonders in the first twenty minutes,.. faster than most

The doctor added to his remarks on the subject with
a quotation from one of his own patients. It is
typical of many similar comments :-

"It happened so fast,.. just like the doctor
said it would. Suddenly I was able to do it,.. to
perform, please my wife,.. it was just wonderful to
have sex really again after all these years."

Finally Dr.Daniker said,

"I agree with the doctors who
contributed to this book in their urgings that every
man should discuss his sexual difficulties with his
doctor. Nevertheless many will not. Whether they
choose to or otherwise, the value of a concise, easy-
to-use, at-home guide is indisputable. In my opinion
the Twenty Minute Method is the best at-home impotence
therapy I've ever seen. It reaches out especially to
those millions of sufferers who are too embarrassed to
seek help from a doctor."

Although I do not personally know Dr.Daniker, before
compiling this book, I, the present writer, worked for
almost thirty years in Sexual Medicine. During that
time I encountered many different ideas and treatments.
The best of them are gathered together here and in the
other books in this series. And the Miracle Method is
by far the easiest and fastest of them all.

* * *

Surprises in Store

This book is almost certain to shock you. It does
not hesitate to make suggestions, propose ideas or to
use language that accurately represents the facts.
Some of the biological information and the logical
deductions will be new and surprising to you. Some of
the tricks and ideas will raise your eyebrows. Some of
the proposals will literally astonish most readers.
But the aim of the book is to jam a crowbar into closed
minds, to enlighten uninformed ones, and to reveal to
all a new, alternative and better method of thinking.

It is worth all that as a great deal is at stake. A
sexually unsatisfactory relationship is an unfulfilled
relationship. It is also a vulnerable relationship.
Deep down men and women both need to give and receive
attention. Attention given to others is a biological
fact of life and is called 'grooming.' Its purpose in
nature is to help individuals get along together in a
group or a society instead of being constantly in
counter-productive competition. In humans this basic,
instinctive need for attention has been evolved to a
much higher, but equally vital level. We alone have
achieved affection and love. We all need these too.

There is no more profound example of the closeness
of a human pair than that they choose to stay, live
and love together for life. Realising the advantages
of this, nature conferred a great blessing as a kind of
bonding or cementing to strengthen the relationship.
Unlike the other creatures in our part of the animal
kingdom who have brief breeding seasons, men and women
are continuous breeders. Unlike the other creatures
who have sexual contact only occasionally, men and
women are capable of and available for sex all the
time. Therein lies the great potential bond. Sex and
sex above all, is the attraction, the foundation and
the bonding of the relationship.

Sadly, the stupidities of humans have damaged that
ideal state of affairs. Instead of being a natural,
frequent and beautiful attribute, sex has been soiled
and polluted,.. made to seem dirty and wrong. As a
result of this confusion many men and women who all
have sexual urges built into them, have also collected
fears and doubts and guilts. These have prevented
millions of people from enjoying the everlasting and
spontaneous pleasures of sex.

We are now at a stage where all over the world,
night after sorrowful night, couples lie side by side
longing for the warmth and affection, the love and
grooming instincts that they need and that should be
theirs. One will want to cuddle, another to stroke,
another to have sex, another just to talk. But their
intimacy has gone. She is not interested,.. frigid,
they say. He can't get an erection,.. impotent they
say. The truth is neither of these. She is not
basically frigid,.. she has been corrupted into fear.
He is not impotent,.. he is humiliated into failure.

Couples who don't have a happy sex life have no
foundation to their relationship. And if a foundation
is not sound nothing ever built on it will be sound.

* * *

The Female Role

There are other books (See Sources List in end
pages) that tell women how to overcome their sexual
problems and such an effort is most definitely worth
it. Here however, we are concerned basically with the
male problem,.. with impotence and its rapid

Nevertheless, the woman's role in such treatment is
absolutely vital. For that reason there is a separate
chapter especially for her. Ideally any man reading
this book and intending to start on a cure for his
impotence by the Twenty Minute Method (or indeed, any
other method) should let,.. perhaps ask, is a better
word, his wife or partner read this book too. And
ideally she should read it willingly and with an open
mind,.. and be prepared to co-operate.

After all, the relationship at stake is hers too.
She will want it to be better, for her man to be
restored, for their lives to be happier. Any good woman
will want that. And she will want to learn the tricks
and feminine wiles that can help those things happen.
There is a source of pride and reward in it for her
too. For be certain, when an impotent man rids himself
of his impotence and becomes a real man again, much of
the credit will be hers. That must never be forgotten.

There is no truer saying than that although a man
wears his erection,.. it was his woman who caused it.
It was her gift to him,.. and his back to her.

So, with those basic assertions made and those basic
assumptions understood and accepted, it is now time to
read on and discover what the whole problem is really
all about. But read on with a difference. For it is now
possible to have a great deal more confidence in
yourself and in the future than it ever was before.

* * *


Most of the time the penis does nothing useful
other than provide a length of conveniently flexible
tubing through which urine can be poured out and thrown
clear of the body. During these long non-active
phases it nestles, extremely well protected, in the
triangular niche in the body provided by the curves of
the two thighs and the overhanging pubic bone. Behind
it, even better protected, lie the two testicles,
mobile but retained within the loose skin of the
scrotum. Further protection is provided by a bushy
mattress of pubic hair. This careful disposition of
protection has nothing to do with the urinating
ability of the penis. The extreme precautions taken
are to ensure that it survives undamaged during the
hazards of everyday life, and remains always ready for
those possibly rare occasions when its other, far more
important function is to be carried out.

This other function of the penis makes it an
absolute essential for the carrying on of the human
race. Eyes, ears, legs, arms and plenty of inner parts
can be managed without. But for breeding purposes, a
penis is utterly indispensable. For it is the penis
that will transmit the precious, stored male 'seed,'
the sperms, from deep inside the male to deep inside
the female, ready to fertilise her eggs and start her


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