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Offering 3

[This offering first appeared in Cyprus Mail, 28.June.2015]



There are quite a number of people I don’t like. As individuals each of them must belong to some or other of various creeds, ethnic groups ,  sexes [at least four], religions and political groups. According to that statement I must be sexist, racist, ageist, creedist and a whole lot of other ‘ists’ they’ve not even named yet.


Furthermore I am now good and mad at what’s going on. Just recently two good men, one of them known to me, have had their lives, work, feelings and families smeared by a half-educated gang of rabid twerps in the name of so-called ‘anti-sexism.’ What a load of incompetent, selfish, greedy femino-fascists who simply can’t or don’t bother to tell the good guys from the bad ones.


Sir Tim Hunt is a Nobel Laureate in Molecular Biology,.. at the burning edge of humanitarian research. In Seoul [South Korea] before an audience of lady journalists and in his bumbling-genius way he said some trivial thing they didn’t like.


And what did he say? He said, inter alia, and in jocular vein ‘Let me tell you,.. three things happen when they [girls] are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry. ”  Now anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with members of the opposite sex will agree that Sir Tim put the problem absolutely and rightly in an nutshell. Falling for one’s staff, having them fall for you, plus their tendency to  resort in tears when admonished for incompetence are ever–present drawbacks to a happy and productive working environment. It’s no good bleating about it. One’s own experience and that of numerous others confirms that this is so and that it remains a constant problem one way or another.


Unthinking lunatics nevertheless clamoured for him to lose his job,.. the job of scientific advancement that benefits everyone,.. even people not yet alive. I wonder what those who will die because of this man’s absence would say to this new upstart generation of femino-fascists.


The once so prestigious Royal Society of which Sir Tim was a deservingly honoured member formally distanced itself from his comments. University College London announced next day that he had resigned from his position in its Faculty of Life Sciences. He also resigned from the Royal Society's Biological Sciences Awards Committee. UCL tweeted, oh so self-righteously, that they had ‘got rid of him.’ What guidance these spineless organisations displayed. The result was that the media took up their joint roasting forks,.. and the professor was toast.


Yet Sir Tim had spoken the exact truth. No-one seemed to give a damn about that. Or about the damage done to him. Or, come to that, to the damage done to freedom of speech as another fistful of the rusty nails of Political Correctness were driven into the Cross of Freedom,.. through the hands of this good man.


Next, General Tom Lawson. This top-ranking, four-star Canadian Air Force general is an erstwhile Deputy Commander of NORAD. He is Chief of the Canadian Defence Staff and a prominent brain in the upper echelons of the Western Alliance and NATO. He was speaking of problems arising from men’s unwelcome attitude to women as they affect service life and efficiency.


And what did he say? "It's a terrible issue,.. It would be a trite answer but [problems arise] because we're biologically wired in a certain way and there will be those that believe it is a reasonable thing to press themselves and their desires on others."


In response some clown,.. a New Democratic Party MP, condemned the comments, saying sexual harassment is a crime and "is not something that's excused by biology." What a gormless prat to humiliate a leader in front of his men! Whatever good did he think would come to his country from that? Furthermore, the general nowhere sought to deny that sexual harassment is not excused by biology. What he did was not excuse the idea in any way but explain the undeniable facts behind  some forms of undesirable male behaviour. Were his critics too dumb to understand that?


The very problem results from the fact that whatever people think and say,.. and which ‘thinking’ varies with time, place and progress, nature is organised in a certain way. We can hope, pray, wish and work for it to be otherwise. But it isn’t. And won’t be. Ever. We can influence things a little here and there and temporarily. We can indeed try to rise above human nature,.. though with little expectation of success.


What we certainly cannot do is change the natural laws of the universe. And amongst those is that men are designed to be predatory and spread their genes for the benefit of the species. Women are equally vitally, yet very differently, wired. Neither of these condones bad behaviour. There can be no tolerance of men who beat wives or who, in displays of their own weakness, humiliate them. But to imagine that our laws will displace those of Old Mother Nature is sheer nonsense.


None of the feminist diatribe about the sheer awfulness of men will make the slightest difference,.. ‘Man [or in this instance, woman] plans, hopes and wishes. God smiles.’

These men should have been applauded for saying what needed saying. Yet that didn’t happen. As a result everyone has lost. There has been much heat,.. but little light.


I hope the sane and gentle people of the world will unite,.. throw off this macabre shroud of so-called political correctness and stand up and speak up in defence of our hard-won freedoms. If you don’t like socialists,.. or communists,.. or UKIP-ists then don’t be afraid to say so. Similarly if you don’t like homosexuals,.. or Christians,.. or Martians,.. or  Harry Potter   you should still have the right calmly and methodically to say so and, if challenged, to present your reasons.


Oppression is always bad. Freedom is always risky, but it still remains a better bet.