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The New Orthodoxy


There’s a new orthodoxy,.. some might say ideology. In fact there are several of them clamouring for page inches in the world’s press.


To start with, apparently much will be righted as long as we  take in more refugees. I will believe this when I hear that shiploads of Australian Aborigines are creeping quietly into Iran.


Also there is the idea that after ignoring the warnings of the last couple of centuries, overpopulating the planet for hundreds of years and polluting it as and when we chose so that its residents are threatened, there is a baseless belief that if we laboriously separate our rubbish into different coloured boxes the whales will be OK, the glaciers will freeze up again and the oceans will stop rising. Nonsense. It’s a bit like saying that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. Not even regiments of plain little autistic hoydens could achieve anything much. It’s like spitting on a bloody flat-iron.


There is a vanishingly small hope that if we actually do something PDQ everything will start to come right again. But that can only happen at the expense of international financial collapse and massive unemployment. Some hopes that politicians will allow that.

Next is concern over the massive predicted pandemic with millions dying all over the place. I remember fifty years ago the research done on deliberately overcrowding laboratory animals showed us one frightful consequence. The animals eventually fought each other, became mentally disturbed, stopped breeding and, finally, became prone to massive epidemics,.. which quickly restored the populations to temporarily thinned out levels.


Another big worry, mostly in the sporting world, concerns the runaway successes of ‘transits’ who were previously fellers and are now ladies taking part in female sporting competitions. The point is that however much they protest that they are now ladies nature doesn’t seem to have grasped the logic. The extra male musculature, the larger bones, higher lung capacity and haematological advantages that persist to some extent after the transit process give the ex-chaps quite an edge.


And that brings us nicely to perhaps today’s biggest new orthodoxy.


From my experience in the sciences and medicine in particular there are one or two fairly basic facts that never seem shaken even by the latest PC chatter about what is confoundingly classified under ‘non-binary / gender-non-conforming identification.’

For example.  In basic scientific jargon a typical male human produces sperms and can, via them, become a biological father. A typical female human, on the other hand, produces ova – usually about one per month of her reproductive years – and she is, via this facility, capable of becoming pregnant.


So far, and I specialised in Sexual Medicine for over twenty years, I’ve seen nothing happen that has changed those basic facts and requirements.


Now, yes, there can be days when the occasional bloke feels a bit ‘girly’ – or so they tell me. He may shave his legs – though they never look quite right – and he may cross-dress. Similarly, some women can get pretty butch at times. Also, one must admit that some chaps undergo hormone therapies that help them grow wobbly bits on their chests. They can even get some of their pendulous parts hacked off and get bits of their bowels surgically converted into more or less usable ladylike receptacles.


There are also ladies who go as far as to get their wobbly bits removed and odd-looking extra bits sewn on to resemble,.. well, you know what. Still, I sometimes wonder how much of the current ‘rapid onset transgenderism’ especially in teenagers is due not to the belief that they are really of the opposite sex but because they are apprehensive of the requirements of what will face them after puberty when they have to accommodate the monumental problems of adulthood and don’t feel brave enough. Better preparatory guidance rather than automatic transiting is clearly indicated.


Some of the pharmaceutical and surgical adaptations mentioned can give the casual observer the idea that they are real. But, so far in the state-of-the-art medicine, pharmacology and surgery not one of the altered states has ever disallowed the basic facts mentioned above,.. that men have sperms, and females have ova and can legitimately attend Mothering Sunday services. I can promise you that there is nothing even out on the far horizons of medical research that has any likelihood of changing that still-fundamental fact.


Sadly, many display a ‘Hands-over-ears’ response when such negative realities are explained. An ideology easily translates a simple perception into an indulgent madness.


I fear that ‘A  storm is blowing out of Paradise.’