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Aspirins are funny things.  So are strawberries.  And so are aphrodisiacs.


Marlene came home with a headache that felt as if the entire Russian army had been walking over her skull, four by four, in stockinged feet.  She took two aspirins and an hour later she was happily hostessing a silver-wedding party for her Mum and Dad.  Charleen came home with the worst, that-time-of-the-month tummy pains she could ever remember.  She took two aspirins and an hour later her stomach was so shattered she was sitting on the loo, afraid to move, and with a bowl on her knees to be sick in.


Darleen bravely served her friends a feather-light strawberry soufflé with Benedictine and simply astonishing coffee-liqueur chocolates.  They were delicious.  An hour later she was smothered by the compliments of her departing guests.  Arlene served her boss (and possible future servant) garden fresh, dew-rinsed strawberries with the priceless 1966 Veuve-Clicquot, Brut, a combination of absolute perfection to yield the fullest flavours of each.  An hour later she was smothered with a vivid, scarlet rash and the boss was phoning for an ambulance as she rolled on the floor with the most merciless gastro-intestinal colic.


Martin and Sue planned a tremendous reunion the night she returned from her ten day conference in Paris.  They each took the pre-planned dose of parachlorophenylalanine at three in the afternoon.  It would achieve its peak effect when they were in each others arms at nine that evening.  But it was the day of the Great European Tornado.  No planes left Paris, for anywhere, that night.  Martin read a book, had his supper, went to bed and slept peacefully and calmly.  At Charles de Gaulle airport after being twice warned about exposing herself, after being observed writhing and fidgeting in a suspicious manner, and when she finally attempted to disrobe an elderly Austrian priest, Sue was arrested and spent a miserable night in a much-needed cooler.  Next morning before the Magistrate, when she explained it was all due to the delayed effect of a frustrated aphrodisiac, the world-weary gent is alleged to have shrugged and declared merely,... "Ah,... ze Eengleesh.  Two 'ondred francs!"


*  *  *


These little tales,.. and every one is true, (would we lie to you?), just go to show that the response of the human 'system' to all kinds of things can not only be different but wildly unpredictable.  This is, in fact, the reason for the dramatic differences in principal between Western, allopathic medicine (that is the ordinary, orthodox kind) and, say, Chinese medicine.  The Chinese physician would never dream of treating all ten people with sore throats with the same dose of the same kind of penicillin.  After all, he argues, the ten people are different individuals and will need different treatments.  The Western doctor, on the other hand, says that although differing in detail, all humans have fundamental bio-chemical processes which will be altered accordingly by administered medicines.


Both are right.  People are certainly highly individual.  There are never any two who are quite the same.  And we do all have basic living reactions going on inside us.  Furthermore, a given drug will alter a specific reaction in a certain way.  But,.. and here come the problems,.. different amounts of the drug have different effects.  And whatever the dose given, different amounts will be absorbed at different rates.  Different people's digestive systems will destroy or alter different amounts of the drug at different speeds and in different areas.  Depending on all kinds of variables, different quantities of the drug will arrive at the point of action at different rates and different times.  Even after that, the overall responses to whatever changes are brought about, will also vary.  The knock-on effects are even less predictable.


A single stone dropped into a still pond produces precise, concentric, perfect ripples.  But simultaneously drop three different stones in and the interacting complexity of the ripple pattern will, in seconds, be far too complex to follow.


So it is with aphrodisiacs.  There are common ones, rare ones, white ones, yellow ones.  There are strong ones and weak ones.  There are swift ones and there are delayed-action ones.  The variety is huge.  But the variety is dwarfed by the variety of people who may take them.  Their chemistry, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their emotional and physical responses, prejudices, preconditioning and programming, all affect the final result of taking any medicine.  And aphrodisiacs are no exception.


In this book you will read a lot about aphrodisiacs, their sources and their uses.  But remember, their effect on you,.. and others, will, at least to start with, be uncertain.  Don't be disappointed.  And don't play with fire.


After all you don't know if you will be like Martin, or like Marlene, Charleen, Darleen, Arlene,... or Sue!


*  *  *






Sex is on everyone's lips,.. in a manner of speaking.  People are constantly complaining that there is far too much of it about,... or at least that some people are having too much,... ever the complaint of those getting too little.  The Scandinavians, the Dutch, Germans and Italians have all-but abolished anti-pornography laws.  There are nudes or sexily clad young hoydens on the pages of the tabloids.  The Sunday newspapers use a 'you-have-the-right-to-know' smoke-screen behind which to print titillating morsels of pseudo-smut, mainly about the sex-lives of people in the news.  If they are drunks, crooks, gamblers or wife-beaters that is good stuff,... but if they have 'secret sex romps' or 'took naughty pictures of me' or 'insisted on kinky sex' then that is top-of-the-bottle material.  Hints of orgies and mesh-stockings and recourse to the whip or torture chamber are the needle of adrenalin in the media arm.  All to be roundly condemned, of course, after thorough extraction of every exciting, dirty fragment. Every sacred cow to be slaughtered and butchered,... but only after it has been thoroughly milked dry!


Magazines carry ads about treating impotence,... now the commonest non-life-threatening disease in Western society.  They advertise coloured and textured condoms, personal vibrators and sexy 'mood' music cassettes.  In every bar men tell of their exploits, their superlative performance, their wives who don't understand them.  At every tea party women exchange gossip about sexy underwear, 'marital aids'  and lovely local men. They compare notes on 'do you have oral sex,.. and if so, which way round?'  Half the population seems to be trying to arrange a quick nibble at the fringe of the Permissive Society.  Meanwhile the embittered other half, led by self-styled champions  emulating the execrable Mary Whitehouse. The Festival of Morality brigade, prattle and gabble and grumble about everything sexual,... trying to ensure that if anybody enjoys anything, someone else will either try to stop it,... or tax it!


Yes, everywhere there is sex and talk about sex.  The boss eyes his secretary, who eyes the sales manager, who eyes the nurse, who eyes the doctor, who has an affair with a patient, who has an affair with her builder, who has a wife he hasn't slept with for years, but who is studying word-processing in order to become secretary to the original boss.  And round and round it goes. Sex, sex, and merry-go-round sex.


But why all this sex, sex, sex?  And all this talk about it?  Is it really so darned important?


You bet your sweet life it is!


The only people to whom sex is not important are either those who, for one reason or another, have never learned its wonder,.. or those who have learned all too well but have since become deprived of it or, worst of all, for one reason or another have had subsequent cause to deny or suppress it.


*  *  *

In school in early Biology lessons, it becomes necessary to learn and be able to distinguish the essential differences between living things such as plants and animals, and non-living things like clouds, rocks, metals and so on.  Living things feed, they respire, they move, they excrete, they grow, they respond to stimuli,.. and above all, they reproduce.  Biologically, these living functions have but one purpose.  They all are features by which the individual survives to reproduce and further propagate the existence of the species.  Now, philosophically, one can contest there being any great point in surviving merely to extend the species so that more can also survive simply to reproduce later in the same old way in their turn.  Biologically however, Old Mother Nature has no such subtle problems.  Survival is vital.  And it is vital for the purposes of reproduction.


Every living characteristic of every living thing has, as its most fundamental motivation, the impulse to reproduce and continue the race.  And it is that from which the whole thing arises.  Nothing is more important.


Nature has devised various ways by which reproduction can be achieved. Some primitive creatures, grown to full size, simply divide into two small ones each of which resumes the growing process.  Some plants simply drop portions of their leaves or stems which strike root then grow into new adults.  Many living species need no other members of its species with  which to consort in order to reproduce.  In some cases reproduction is asexual,... that is there is only one, indeterminate 'sex.'  In other instances, male and female are needed but both sexes are present in the same individual, as, for instance, with the common hazel tree.


But, so far, the best way nature has found of reproducing is the sexual method where male and female characteristics and organs are in different members of the species.  This produces a far wider variation possibility, derived from a far wider potentially available gene pool.  From this the numerous different combinations of possibilities may contain at least some superior individuals either as variants or as mutants.  These, breeding on according to the Darwinian description of 'Survival of the Fittest,' not only continue the race, but, in the long run, and with a little bit of luck, improve it. There are also other, far more complex benefits from this method of reproduction.


Sexual reproduction too has, in itself, plenty of alternatives that nature has tried out with varying degrees of success.  There are species, for example some fish, where there is virtually no pairing and little mating in the true sense.  Male and female meet virtually by chance, brief coupling achieves insemination, and the individuals part again forever.  In other instances, for example frogs, the male accompanies the female, sometimes locked tightly to her with special gripping appendages.  He then inseminates her eggs as she lays them and only afterwards abandons her.  In yet other instances, like deer, a male collects a harem of females all to himself and couples with each in her season.  In a few species, such as swans, adults pair for life.


In nearly all instances, although there are plenty of other options, there is a definite breeding season.  At that time and only at that time, the female becomes sexually attractive to the male and also willing to accept his attentions.  Amongst man's nearest neighbours, chimpanzees, at the propitious moment the female crouches, the male approaches her from behind, copulates with her, ejaculates in mere seconds and is off after his next bunch of bananas.  The action may be repeated several times at few minute intervals.  For the rest of the time, there is no sexual contact whatsoever.


There are many advantages to sexual reproduction on a seasonal basis and it remains the commonest and, but for one notable exception, the best method yet devised during evolution.  Man alone, among the 'higher' animals, has a more advanced system.  There are excellent biological reasons for this but they lie beyond the scope of this short book.  Full explanations,... and the consequences, can be found in other volumes, for example 'Age and Sex' by Dr.Richard Silurian MD (See Bibliography List).  This book should be read by anyone closely interested in sex, its important ramifications in life, and the ways in which it can be extended actively into later decades.


Man's reproductive method then is sexual, but it is different from most species in that man is what is known as a continuous breeder.  Although vestigial signs  of a seasonal variation in man's distant past do persist they have been superseded by the non-seasonal continuous process of today.  What this amounts to is that man, and indeed woman, is potentially interested in sex, available for sex, looking for sex, thinking about sex, having sex, or  at least capable of having sex, more or less any old time.  


So, here is a situation in which nature has decreed that sex is the most important natural function of mankind.  She has also made humans continuously available for the purpose during the entire time from puberty well on into old age.  With the stage thus set, it is no great wonder that the actors find sex (or the pursuit of it) to be a major pre-occupation.  And it doesn't end there.


Into this immensely powerful and universally pervading natural inclination towards sex, man has inevitably introduced his own measure of intellect and ingenuity.  This has had two enormous but conflicting consequences,... one good, the other appalling.


With every one of nature's basic requirements for his life, man has taken great liberties.  He has brought to each that ever-broadening spectrum of influences he alone, on earth, can devise.  Man needs only a basic shelter from the marauding elements.  But he has adapted and embellished these to vary from mud huts to igloos to back-packing inflatable tents, and from hovels to mansions, to chateaux and to vast acreages of landscape-gardened palaces.  Man needs only basic clothing to protect him from the worst ravages of his living and working environment. But from this basic requirement he has progressed beyond the tree-bark, grass and animal skins to all the lavish displays of fashion and haute couture.  He needs nothing but water to drink, but this he has flavoured and coloured with countless tastes and textures.  He must have but protein, fat, carbohydrate and a few assorted minerals and vitamins to eat but haute cuisine ranges from forty kinds of ice cream to frogs legs, toasted snails, raw fish eggs and Brown Windsor Soup.


What chance had sex, that most important requirement of all, to escape similar diversification.  Nowadays there seem to be humans of at least four 'sexes,'.. male, female, both and neither.  There are the natural humans, men who like women and women who like men.  There are plenty of each who like both,.. the AC/DC sector.  There are what some claim to be unnatural humans too, men who prefer men, women who like women,.. and there are men and women who like nothing to do with the whole offensive business.  Some like one partner for life.  Others think variety is the spice of it.  There are Eastern manuals listing over a hundred different positions for sex.  There is genital sex, manual sex, anal sex, oral sex;  there is the three times a night sex, and the three times a year sex.  There is group sex, sex in the morning, sex in bed, sex naked, and sex in sexy clothing.  There are sustained leisurely nights and brief morning 'quickies' before church.  There are straps, ropes and handcuffs;  there are black silk sheets.  There are massage parlours;  there are pornographic books and films.  There is fidelity, promiscuity and celibacy. There is the same thing every night,.. or never the same thing twice.  There are sexual aids and there is masturbation.  There is lying, kneeling, standing, face-to-face, back-to-front, upside down and swinging from the proverbial chandelier.  The enjoyment of sex has something for everyone.


That is the good news,... and man created practically all of it.  Then he had to go and spoil it.


As sure as there are worms in shiny red apples, there are folk who will spoil anything,... those who could chill a heat-wave and somehow manage effortlessly to rain on anybody's picnic.  Left to themselves,... and that is the operative phrase, most people would thoroughly enjoy sex of their chosen kind, amount and timing.  But sex is too important for that.  It is by creating rules and enforcing them that the process of government, the mastery of the many by the few, is accomplished.  


Throughout man's history this principle has been employed.  At first it was the shamans and other priests who discovered and exploited the techniques.  Physical punishment, exclusion from the group and artificially created fears of imaginary, spiritual consequences, were the lot of those who did not comply.  Rules were imposed for everything.  Rules on how to dress,... "A man shall cover his head to eat and shall cover his lower body with one garment, dividing not the leg,..." soon appeared.  The eating rules of Leviticus, good sense most of them, were a priestly way of embodying excellent public health principles in manipulative religious regulations.


It was not only the priests who saw the advantages of this manner of the takeover of the weak by the strong.  The emerging battle-chieftains and war-lords saw it too.  As generation of robber barons succeeded generation, exploiting the innate aggressive instincts of man to achieve supremacy, they too imposed their rules.  There were rules about where a man could live, how large his house could be, when he must rise and retire, where he must work and even what he must grow.  When politicians,... those who continue war but by non-violent means, appeared, they too invented more and more rules.  Even today in the Mother of Parliaments, few aspiring politicians expect to reach retirement without having made yet a further contribution to the bulging tomes of the Statute Books.


Sex was absolutely bound to get its share of coercive treatment.  Of course, there was seldom anything very rational about the rules that came,... and then went.  In ancient Egypt it was pharaonic law that the next pharaoh could only be born as a result of copulation of the existing pharaoh with his own daughter.  In medieval France each virgin was the sexual property of the local chief for purposes of defloration,.. the so-called Droit de Seigneur.  In the Welsh valleys of the eighteenth century a betrothed couple had to go to bed with each other,... it was called bundling, but her legs had to be tightly bound together throughout. Similar shenanigans abounded in the Zulu tribes of Natal. Pauline Christianity however insisted on such products of a disturbed mind as the concept of original sin.  And Paul, by a mixture of luck and the assiduous application of a toweringly dominant ego personality, superimposed his own curious views on the real teachings of his Master.


From the complex writings of religious cant, political claptrap and the genuine need for social order, man has evolved one society after another.  Our own society is no exception.  Within living memory a man owned all his wife's property, - it was not permitted for pubic hair to be depicted in paintings or photographs, - the Lord Chamberlain decreed that nude women could appear on the London stage,... as long as they remained utterly motionless, - Ruth Williams met widespread ostracism for a sexual relationship with black chieftain, Seretse Kama.  The facts are there.  The logic one must leave to the individual to discern.





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Sex in Western society has had another major influence,... the muscling-in of the dedicated and vociferous busybody.  Dickens personified the type with his Mrs.Grundy,... the walnut dry and juiceless, prim, unyielding, frigid virago,.. the bitter tongue, the haughty and righteous attitude, the face like a bulldog sucking a lemon.  These too have deprecated sex and proclaimed against it.  A comic British character, the imaginary Mrs.Hairy Whitemouse styled her ageing, pre-geriatric campaign against everything overtly sexual.  She proclaimed herself leader of the other embittered and frustrated legions,... though most of her claimed 'silent majority' of supporters were more likely silent through positively electrifying apathy.


Finally there is the pro-sexual lobby, small in number, sadly, who have discovered what a joy sex is and how endlessly variable and continuously renewable it is.  They tend to be regarded with a mixture of disbelief, disapproval and secret envy by less fortunate folk.


Be the causes what they may, society now, in the Western world is very conscious of sex.  But it is still largely governed by the old concepts.  People were brought up in the restrictive Victorian period,... when women wore clothes even in the bath or for medical examinations,... when men strapped their sons into chastity belts to prevent the sin of masturbation or even erection,... yet naked little girls of seven years of age dragged coal drays in the mines for ten hours a day.  For the most part sex was not mentioned or even recognised in polite circles.  Girls were not taught the basic rules of their own bodies and menstruation came upon them with the impact of the horror of some dreadful disease.  The 'private parts' could not be touched, seen, shown or acknowledged,... and under no condition made a source of enjoyment.  Sex was forbidden except under very special, religiously and legally permitted conditions.


These vestigial nonsenses are still the main source of the current status of sex in Western society.  Yet there is a growing recognition that that situation must change,... and is changing.  As a result, although many of the rules still apply,... a bit like the clash between Sunday Trading and the Lords Day Observance Society, they are being steadily eroded, avoided, or flagrantly flouted.


This produces in everyone, especially in the young, a state of considerable confusion.  In the lowest, most fundamental strata of the human psyche is the irresistible impulse towards much and varied sexual enjoyment,... the route by which nature achieves the highest (as yet) available human evolution.  Opposing that is the also very strong set of society's restrictive rules.  The clash is head-on and violent.  The two can seldom compromise without producing unresolved conflicts.  Then the collision is complicated by the way man's ingenuity tries to get around the rules and bridge the gap.  People read of promiscuous sex, see it in their neighbours, or even enjoy an occasional little flutter at it themselves.  Magazines that show actual sex are forbidden in some countries, including Great Britain.  But daily newspapers that show only bare breasts can be sold to minors.  Publications that show a lady simulating masturbation or oral sex are eschewed, tolerated, but kept on the top shelf,... or occasionally seized by bewildered police on the orders of even more confused magistrates.  


Obscenity laws are fairly strictly enforced, but obscenity itself is not even precisely defined.  The vicar has a wife and two children but is accused of molesting choir boys.  Mr.Smith votes very respectably for law and order issues, but sexually harasses his office girl into fellating him rather than risk being fired.  Mrs.Smith won't allow daughter Sally to wear a mini-skirt but spends occasional sordid afternoons in a small grubby hotel with the man who once sold her a second-hand car.


The confusion is rampant.  "Sex is a wonderful, thrilling, tender and beautiful experience,.. which must at all costs be kept away from children," say some.  "Sex is foul, unhygienic, loathsome and despicable,.. and must be kept within the state of holy matrimony," say others.


Everyone has the sex impulse,... the desire to mate, drawing them in one direction while the societal environment and repressive upbringing pull the other way.  The results of the tug-o-war vary.  A few, a very few, find a rational and logical compromise.  Far more settle into an uneasy rut in which they go along, reluctantly, in the interest of peace at any price.  A few become promiscuous libertines.  Far, far more opt out of sex and suppress its urges more or less altogether as that makes it easier to avoid the guilts and anxieties.  A handful are driven to the extreme perversion of total celibacy.


What a dreadful mess sex is in to be sure.  However, sex is too basic and too important to be denied.  It will triumph.


The snag is that there are now some very serious obstacles in its way and there appears to be only one way to get around them.



*  *  *










Right now, sex, after struggling through a lengthy period of ignorance and suppression, is emerging into a new era.  It has already been carried forward on the crest of a few small waves.  Gradually, the climate of public opinion has changed and, lagging reluctantly behind, so has the Establishment and after it with much dragging of the feet, the Law.


The trial of D.H. Lawrence's mini-masterpiece Lady Chatterley's Lover,... a book banned for years, resulted in an overwhelming triumph for common sense. As a result, nowadays, more or less any material can be written and published, as long as it is not treasonable, racial, blasphemous or inciting to violence.  Writing about sex is now allowed, whereas even this book would probably have been impossible when the present author first qualified.  Pictures, of course, are still very restricted.  Indeed, a singularly anomalous situation has now been reached. Foul and illegal acts of pre-meditated violence such as, say, scenes of a man committing the cold-blooded murder of his wife can be shown on television many times a day. Despite this the beautiful and perfectly legal act of love, when a man inserts his erect penis into his wife's vagina, is utterly forbidden.  If words fail you, no wonder.


Women's property rights have helped the 'Sexual Revolution' forward a lot as has the emergence of so-called feminism.  Women have been able to exercise their rights to sexual recognition and freedom,... though whether all results have been equally profitable is open to cogent questioning.  The revolution and the Permissive Society, two largely media-created phenomena, though in reality merely evolutionary transitional episodes, have made it a little easier to regard sex as existing and open to discussion. The drug era, flower-power and various other rebellions have also removed many fetters as has a world-wide movement towards gentle and patient socialism from the extremes of suppressive totalitarianism like communism, feudalism and fascism.


Tight trousers, bronze medallions the size of manhole covers bouncing on chests as broad as a pencil, chains in ears, pins through nostrils, the mini-skirt, kinky boots, bikinis, see-through blouses that you'd rather not, flaunted macho gear and topless bars have all gradually probed their way into society.  Sex has retained its seamier side where sordid whores patrol pavements and cocaine-snorting BMW drivers bargain for their lewd services through half-lowered windows;  where wealthy executives spend their luncheon vouchers on getting chastised by tired, bored, middle-aged whores dressed in masks and thigh-length leather boots and where senior military officers admit that "there are fairies at the bottoms of our guardsmen."


Along with these small incipient freedoms has come an ever greater flouting of anti-sexual authority. It is no longer rare to learn that someone you know is having an affair, getting a divorce, paying wife and child maintenance.  It is no longer a criminal offence for a man to have sex with another consenting man in private,... though, amazingly, for several years after that sort of thing became decriminalised, until the middle 1990s in fact, it was still illegal if, at home, he performed a similar act with his wife.  Girls on topless beaches, which is most of them, not only flex their breasts with wobbles of hopeful excitement, but wear briefs so miniscule that most of their pubic hair has to be shaved off so it won't look like a herbaceous border.


And bedroom practices have changed too.  Several respectable newspapers advertise catalogues of sexy clothes from men's posing pouches in suede to lady's slave chokers and open-crotch panties; others promote catalogues of sex toys, often coyly and euphemistically known as 'marital aids,' ranging from G-spot stimulators, mechanical dildos and personal vibrators to erection creams and penis straps of indeterminate purpose.


Oral sex is moving down from its erstwhile presence only at the pinnacle of wealthy and informed society. Nowadays it has reached the social strata containing girls who serve in chain stores and boys from building sites whose backsides show above their belts when they bend over at work. Indeed, it is so widespread and acceptable that the act of oral sex is widely known as ‘the goodnight kiss.’


There is sex in the workplace, sex in the car, sex in the park, sex in the bath, sex in the vestry (especially, it seems, in the vestry) and in the golf club, sex in aeroplanes, sex in the moonlight,... and even sex in the bedroom if folk are not too tired by the time they get there.


Without doubt there is more sex about than ever.  Although lots of people don't exactly actually do it, at least they know about it, and they've heard what a lot of sex and what a lot of varieties of sex are available.  And more and more people are taking part.  Surveys nowadays show huge changes in the sex lives of people compared with those first, almost surreptitious assessments of Kinsey and his colleagues fifty or so years ago.  There are widely used products such as Andractim that improve the sexual system and its performance;  men wear remarkable Energising Rings to assist and maintain erection; there are programmes to teach women to overcome a low libido,... and to re-train impotent men and premature ejaculators to be sexually successful again.  Hypnosis cassettes help everything from premature ejaculation and impotence to penis and breast enlargement and developing a bounding sexual confidence. (See Sources List for details; for example the aforementioned book, 'Age and Sex.').


Youngsters have sex at an earlier age.  Old folk continue to have sex on and on until much later in their lives,.. there are even special manuals and books of guidance for them (see also Sources List). A far larger proportion of men admit to masturbation, as indeed do women, now that they have been re-educated to realise that far from being a weakening evil, it is a thoroughly good thing, excellent practice and most enjoyable once you get the hang of it.


Also a far larger proportion of women nowadays are regularly orgasmic.  This may be partly because they are no longer ashamed to admit it.  It is also partly because they feel freer to take an active part in sex, an attitude which swiftly rewards those who adopt it with easier, better and more orgasms.  Finally, the duty of the man to ensure his partner also enjoys her sexual encounters with him has become a matter of pride and skill with correspondingly far more attention being paid to feminine needs and preferences.


Sex then, is having a bit of a hey-day,... at last.  Boys and girls mix and experiment a lot more.  Pre-marital sex is now the rule rather than the exception.  The vast majority of young people now have sex before marriage, and often before puberty, usually with several, or indeed many, different partners over a period of years.  Extra-marital sex too is easier to find, easier to accomplish, easier to conceal,... and, in a lot of cases, better tolerated if discovered.  It is probably true to say that sex has never been easier.  Despite the distressing confusions, the impotence-causing anxieties, the frigidity-causing fears and the guilt-ridden sufferers from premature ejaculation, there is really more sex about then ever.  More are doing it and more are enjoying it.  It is getting more open and more respectable all the time.  Varieties, deviations and personal perversions are involved in an increasing number of relationships.  You can actually love thy neighbour without the certainty of arrest or the divorce court.  Even the erstwhile brakes on promiscuity, the sexually transmitted diseases, are easily treated in complete confidence.


What a wonderfully optimistic outlook for sex! And aphrodisiacs are one very exciting part of it.


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