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        LOVE BOOK



 A Collection of Erotic

          Short Stories

                    for Ladies,..


                                 and Gentlemen




     Hors d’oeuvres:




     Main Course:

Hunter’s Moon

The Mirror

Old Friends

Je vins ici


The Cornfield


A Fairy Tale:

The Naughty Princess and the Frog


Train of Thought

A Kiss for Christmas


     Sauces and Pickles:

Primrose Path

Fire Down Below

Strength in Numbers

Taking Pains



Taboo Sex


                 *  *  *






NOTE:  The Editor here affirms that there is

not one single event or episode related in

these stories that is outside the personal

experience of one or more of the authors.






There are no limits to sex,.. only to the sex that people

have and to the people who have sex.


There are those who long and are deprived.

There are those who fear and succumb to their fear.

There are those who fear and overcome their fear.


There are those who know the thrills.

There are those who never know them.

There are those who dare not risk them.


There are those who deny, - and there are those

who are merely ignorant.

There are those who know but doubt.

There are those who do without knowing.


There are those who lead, those who are led and those

who spend a lifetime dragging their feet before dying

still unenlightened.


It is people in their infinite variety that have limits.

To sex there is never any limit.







In the Consulting Rooms of a high status Psycho-Sexual Medical Clinic many strange tales are told and many curious secrets are divulged.  Over a period of time an experienced and trusted doctor hears descriptions of every whim, every desire and every fantasy.  He hears of every variation on every sexual theme.  He hears of hidden yearnings, practised techniques, styles and preferences of every kind.  Gradually, every known and every imagined fantasy, deviation and sexual perversion comes his way.  One of the most remarkable things about it all is the seemingly endless variety of things people do, - or want to do, - in the hidden depths of the sexual psyche. There is no act or fantasy so strange or so seemingly perverted that it is not someone’s preference.


But, professionally speaking, there is another even more remarkable feature that emerges from this complex mélange of sexual hopes, fears and actions.  That is that, underlying them, they always involve one or more of a mere handful of basic ideas that are common to literally millions of people.  While the fantasies and the individual sexual behaviour patterns are beyond counting, virtually all are based on these few fundamental themes.  As one doctor compared them "Sex is, in a way, like music.  In the basic musical octave scale there are a mere eight notes, yet the ways they may be played are without number."


A few years ago the idea arose, in one particular sexual medicine facility in England, that these underlying sexual motifs could be classified and better understood, and that such data would be of immense value to the general public as well as professionally.  There therefore commenced a research project and widespread communication between different authorities and data sources; it became world-wide in its spread of contacts.  Events, ideas and case histories were selected, compared and collated.  Doctors from over thirty countries contributed.  Gradually an exhaustive pattern was compiled in which all kinds of sexual activities and concepts were included.  Once again the same small group of themes provided the bulk of human sexuality's spectrum.  Not surprisingly though, while there was some overlapping, substantial differences were observed between male and female inclinations.


At this stage it became apparent that here was a whole fund of new and un-interpreted knowledge which should be passed on.  Material appeared in several books and professional publications.  It was also felt that in order to bring this experience and wisdom to the general public one very good option would be to embody the material as a basis for high quality fiction. In this way, it was hoped, that interested, confused and even frightened people, especially patients, - could be offered assistance and advice.  So, separating the material into male and female zones, the  concept took root.  The female material included such familiar themes as    loss      of  virginity, youthful infatuations, rape fears and sex with strangers and in public; it also included some generally unexpected and rather taboo subjects.  All was placed in the hands of a male doctor of vast experience in the field.  His editorial board however, consisted of himself, five lady doctors and three non-medical personnel also female.  The exact opposite was done with the male material intended to appear later


Enlisting the aid of other experts and of some very well known journalists and authors, a list of appropriate short stories was drafted.  Each one was to be based mainly on one particular component of the perceived female sexual psyche.


Carefully avoiding any association with pruritic or pornographic publications it was a main requirement that little or no strong language be used and that the stories should aim at being highly erotic and sensual but not in any way likely to give offence.  It was felt that this approach would be better suited to a female readership while still proving exciting yet informative, and therefore helpful, to both female and male. [Some bigots nevertheless did claim that the work was “nude, lewd, rude, sometimes crude and certainly not for the prude.”] So be it.


Nevertheless, in this way the first edition of The Love Book came into being.  Despite never being widely advertised it proved a considerable success and, mainly by word of mouth, achieved widespread distribution in some twenty countries.  On the strength of that success a second edition was produced this time including some illustrations.  Subsequent editions expanded both the number and variety of the stories and the extent of illustration.  Over a period of ten years 'The Love Book, - a Collection of Erotic Short Stories for Ladies' went through several printings, always with the theme of being erotography and never pornography.  Few realised that this good intention could and would become a problem.


The problem arose nevertheless.  More and more complaints came in that, while certainly being helpful and informative, the stories were too inclined to "pull their punches".



 Strong language, it was alleged, had become almost commonplace, and more open [and allegedly realistic] scenarios were now acceptable as a result of the steady climatic change of public, - and especially female, opinion.  Women, it was also claimed, were no longer in need of male-assumed 'protection.' Women were getting to enjoy what had previously been  

classed as too risqué for them.  All these claims were of some sound foundation, though they did not apply to everyone.  There were sharp differences of opinion, many still preferring the more discreet methods of earlier editions.


 So the present new edition was drafted.  It has more stories, more illustrations, many of them specially drawn, and an entirely new, separate section we’ve called, 'Sauces and Pickles' containing far more vivid tales and pictures.  These stories have never appeared before and they are vastly more realistic and outspoken in their genre.  To avoid offence they are grouped in that final section.


 Everywhere the same underlying requirement of value has been adhered to. Each story really is based on a common female sexual practice or fantasy. Quite apart from its entertainment value therefore, each story offers data and ideas to be discovered, and a lesson to be learned, - by  ladies, of course, but, no less, by gentlemen too.




*  *  *







She had pleased him.

For her that was enough.




Easily, gracefully, her dress unbuttoned, opened.  One shrug forward of her shoulders and it fell.  Her body felt free, tense.  She wore almost nothing,.. silk panties, four inch high ankle-strap sandals.  They made her look more naked than if she were stripped raw.  She knew that.  She slid the French doors open and walked out onto the darkened lawn. Warm summer air.  Stars.  Out in the grass she lay down, the recently rained earth soft and damp beneath her shoulders, her hips, her heels.

Moments later he followed her.  Passed the discarded silk on the step.  Found her, white in the pale sky-shine.  The look on her face was invisible.  Only her shape could he see.  Supine. The lie of her limbs a sign of welcome. He felt it. He lay down upon her, his lips to hers, his hands clutching her head to his, his body touching her from cheek to groin.

She was wet from the grass as his hand slid around behind her thighs then into the small of her back.  She allowed him to stride his body about over her, trespassing, intruding, yet welcomed,.. owning.  His hands tried her.  The rubber of her fingertip nipples.  The heat beneath her arms.  The creases of her groin which disappeared as she spread her legs wide.

He knelt between her and pressed his face to where she knew she was already swollen, expecting. She was sure of her need, uncertain of her style.  Down there there were no doubts. Lips pouted and glistened. He parted them with his tongue.  She smelled of chestnut blossom. Fragrant, musty, heady, sweet, delicate.  She grasped his face and pulled it against her, hard, as if it were a goblet from which her other mouth drank. She quivered, geared.  Accelerating.  He felt involved, succeeding.

After a while she needed to touch him, his hardness.  His solidity and strength would give her confidence.  It did.  She sought, tested, clasped,.. feeling the involuntary jerks, letting its blunt head fill her palm, her fingertips on its shaft.  She stroked it against her wetness and he withheld himself for her to relish the friction.

His hands passed beneath her again.  He sprang from her hand as he rose to his knees.  She came up onto her elbows, strained to his jutting.  He did not move.  His body brandished itself, unaided, towards her face.  Her parted lips were drawn back. He saw the pale gleam of teeth.  Then she was around him, pushing her head onto his rigidity.  He reached and reached.  Her face was in his hair.  There was no further to go.  No gaps. He met muscles,.. throaty, living, churning.  She gurgled.  Snatching breath, sucking, swallowing,.. not withdrawing, fearing to lose his penetration even for a moment.

She felt him judder deep in his own body. The brink again.  Too close.  She came away from him and felt the hollow emptiness of her mouth.  Slack.  Only the flavour of him lingering.

It was time.  She parted her thighs further and raised them high as she lay back.  Pulled them against her breasts. Knew she was open for him.  Enticing.  Her hands were on his shoulders, flexing and encouraging him down to her, down onto her, down into her.  There was no need to guide him.  She felt him touch, press against her pouted flower.  She wanted everything of him suddenly, to fill her, thrill her, trample her, take her where they both wanted to go.  She lifted her hips and pushed at the same time as he did. Impaled herself.  Felt herself rushing onto the hot, hidden arm. The flesh-blade. Pierced, pinned, completed, owned,.. treasured; all those things and more.

She was feverish around him.  He felt her frenzy.  Kept still.  So still.  A single movement could have spoiled it.  She stopped too. Both poised. Anguished.   Buried and buried in. She gripped him. Tight. Tantalising. Tantalised. Hovering.

Slowly he pulled back.  Slowly she moved.  Arching, thrusting, flattening.  Short movements that made him explore her cautiously, deliberately,.. like hands touching their way along her damp tunnelled walls.  Creeping, checking, feeling. It was maddening. Holding back. Tempting. Knowing the crest was hanging, trembling to fall. She worshipped his control, losing hers.

The pace, faster. The thrusts deep, deeper, deepest, full length. His hands beside her breasts, braced on the earth, trapped her. His weight, wonderful.  His mouth open against hers.

'I love you,' he said, his air in her throat.

'I love you,' she said back into him.

Together.  No inhibiting, just sensations.  No shame. Running.  Leaping.  Hurting.  A resonance between them, vibrating.  Then stillness again.  Movement arrested.  Pressed into and around each other.  Ground together.  Ground to a halt.  Grounded.  Grinding.  It all began. Both felt the bowstring,.. taut,.. then the rushing flight of the arrow.

Cascade.    Landslide.  Avalanche.  Tumult. Destruction.  Detonated in her ears. Eyes closed.  Her teeth against his shoulder. For now, it was.  For now,.. for ever,.. for ever,.. ever,.. ever.  Echoes and echoes.

Then peace. Hot calming, deep peace. There was love between them.  They parted. Holding only his hand in hers she sprawled back.  Breathless.  His seedwash inside her. The air cool between her thighs.  

He had pleased her. She had pleased him.

For her that was enough.





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Hunter’s Moon

Naked, she pleasured herself in the Mediterranean

moonlight. Then suddenly she was no longer

alone,.. she was his hunted quarry.

(SCR – 75%)


The Mirror

A story for the voyeurs amongst us. Who would

not wish to watch this?

(SCR – 70%)


Old Friends

Oh, the unimaginable things they had seen and

the astounding things they had  done. A lifelong

devotion to unusual sex was still their treasure.

(SCR – 75%)


Je vins ici

They were two very young high-school students.

He had some experience and she was determined

to lose her virginity with and to him. The

delicious pain made it a wonderful occasion.

(SCR – 75%)



Back from his business trip to Paris, she felt she

wanted to be at her best to please him. So she

made sure she was just that.

(SCR – 75%)


The Cornfield

While he was asleep and the world was so sexy,..

why should she not tickle her own fancy,..

even when not quite alone?

(SCR – 75%)



She was grumpy and ill-tempered. But in this

woodland place he was master and he had his

way so easily she could scarce believe it,..

or resist. The consequences are anyone’s guess.

(SCR –  75%)


The Princess and the Frog

She was a pocket-Venus and a voracious young

woman. He was a menace in disguise. Their

relationship was, to say the least,.. most unusual.

But then, fairy stories aren’t real,.. are they?

(SCR – 80%)



Hong Kong in monsoon could inflame a young

servant girl. And it could make older men very

appealing. She knew he would catch her.

(SCR – 80%)


Train of Thought

Two lonely people who need something to span

their gap. Sex, really by accident, fitted the bill.

Another tale written mainly for the ladies.

(SCR – 65%)


A Kiss for Christmas

A tender love story – mostly for the ladies, in

which sex certainly matters but where there

are things more important,.. even if just for a while.

(SCR – 40%)


Primrose Path

Two girls. One very experienced. One very shy.

She never dreamed she could feel like that with

another woman. In skilled hands she soon learned.

SCR – 85%)


Fire Down Below

She thought she must be the most lustful woman

there was. She needed a lot,.. often,..  soon,..

anywhere,.. with anyone.

(SCR – 85%)


Strength in Numbers

A couple. An unknown address. Strange men and

women. And the very strange things they did to

themselves,.. and to others,.. including them.

(SCR – 90%)


Taking Pains

Cruelty, sadism, assault, submission,.. the joys

she’d lived for since her Nazi Germany childhood.

Now was the time to indulge and relish.

(SCR – 99%)


Taboo Sex

Between them sex was clearly forbidden. But he

was vulnerable and she was young,.. and French.

What chance did they have?

(SCR – 60%)

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