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Section One:         THE PENIS MACHINE

Chapter One:         What the Penis Is

Chapter Two:         Semen

Chapter Three:       The Psychology of the Penis

Chapter Four:       Penis Technique

Chapter Five:       The Penis Elsewhere



Chapter Six:         The Penis in Art

Chapter Seven:       Myths and Legends

Chapter Eight:       Penis Rituals and Phallic Worship


Section Three:       THE BROKEN PENIS

Chapter Nine:       Diseases of the Penis

Chapter Ten:         Sex Faults of the Penis

Chapter Eleven:     Sexual Aids


Section Four:        THE WOMAN'S PENIS

Chapter Twelve:     The Past and the Present

Chapter Thirteen:   Mutual Techniques

Chapter Fourteen:   Some Problems and Solutions


Section Five:        THE BIG PENIS

Chapter Fifteen:     Big,.. Why?

Chapter Sixteen:     Big,.. How?

Chapter Seventeen:   The Magical Extras




*  *  *  *  *




If one were pressed to choose the one single most important object on all the Earth and in the entire history of Man upon the Earth, then, without a fragment of doubt, the final choice would have to be the human penis.


A man will, with scrupulous care, amass a financial fortune.  He will create a work of art or he will  invent a new surgical operation.  He will conquer and lay waste an entire nation.  And then he will discard all reason in his headlong pursuit of a wet T-shirt or a set of shapely shaven pudenda.  He will accept the dictates of his sex drive as far as he possibly can and substitute for them where and when he cannot.  However unreasonable, perverse or even illegal his desires may be, they affect him to the very core of his existence.  Knowing that his actions lack reason and logic, he will nonetheless throw away his all for the pandering of his sexual whim and the pampering of his penis.


The most spectacular revelations of history were not those of the bringers of the great new religions.  No revelations of extra-terrestrial wisdom influenced as many men as deeply as the revelation of an erect penis when its foreskin is drawn back.  Alexander and Napoleon led vast armies of conquest.  Kublai Khan swept across half the earth to plunder Cathay.  But no great commander ever gave his men the same satisfaction as they got from ejaculating into a welcoming woman.  The discovery of the wheel and of the electron revolutionised the path of human events.  But no discovery ever reached a man with any comparable importance as surely as did his discovery of his penis, and its capacity for bringing delight.


Long ago a great wit attempted to dissuade a friend from sexual behaviour on the grounds that the position was ludicrous, the pleasure momentary and the expense damnable.  But it changed nothing.  Man went on being led, as it were, by his dick, as he had always been.


Since the beginning of recorded time, the penis had, figuratively as well as factually, reared its head,..  ugly or beautiful depending as much on timing as on viewpoint.  When we read in the Book  of Genesis of the way that woman was made from the rib of man, the rib is used as  an acceptable and symbolic substitute for the penis,.. which was too rude to be mentioned. 'Ribbing'  someone is poking fun,.. 'poking' is another word for having intercourse with,.. 'chewing on the spare rib' is an expression meaning fellation. All of these phrases, and others, come from the likening of the penis to a rib, just as in the Bible. It is no good counting the number of ribs of male and female.  It may be a pleasure, but however often they are counted it turns out that male and female have the same number.  It is not a rib a woman lacks but a penis,.. though she does have a little replica of her own.  As we shall see, much of the history of the difference between the sexes stems from this anatomical distinction.


A man may not quite recall the shape and pattern of his own arm.  He may overlook the wound on his finger or the wart on his face. But, once discovered, he will never, never forget the appearance of his penis.  He pays more attention to it than to anything else.  He will fondle it and tend it more than anything else.  He will protect it above all else.  He may not know the colour of his eyes but he feels and knows every movement of his testicles.  All men like to feel penis pride too, in size, shape, quality and performance.  Things that erode that pride erode the man himself.  The penis is all important to him. The penis leads and rules. Without it he is not the same.  Nothing that affects it fails to affect him accordingly, and vice versa. It is the place where, he feels, his very Manhood lies. In a phrase, like it or not and recognise it or not,.. a man is his penis.


This book aims to inform, to amuse and to provoke, but throughout it is based on that foregoing hypothesis.  Just one thing must be pointed out at the start.  The very form and style of this book leaves me, the author, open to charges of male chauvinism.  These charges would not all be really fair.  Much that is written here is for the interest and guidance of men about the penis and thus, apart from Section Four, it is slanted that way. But it is also packed with data that should be invaluable to the caring woman too.  Seen in that light I do not believe it will give rise to too many false impressions.



*  *  *







               THE PENIS MACHINE



Chapter One:    What the Penis is


Before embarking on other considerations of the penis it is necessary to give some thought to what it is, how it becomes what it is, and how it works.


To the non-technically minded and to those with no interest in physiology this can be pretty dull stuff.  However, it has so much bearing on everything else there is to say that for anyone wanting seriously to read and learn, it provides the foundation.  Briefly, then, we shall talk about the way the penis grows from almost nothing in the unborn child to the dominating organ of the man's body and personality.  Then a short comment on its anatomy, or structure, will be followed by an explanation of its ability to erect and ejaculate, and the part it plays in sex in general and in orgasm in particular.


The penis is a sexual organ.  It has no other primary purpose.  To some it may look an item of beauty and adornment.  To some it may represent a grotesque distorted appendage.  It may look nice, feel good, smell pleasant, taste sweet.  It may fascinate, horrify, delight or disgust.  It can be fun to play with for its owner or his partners.  Its other job, that of helping squirt unwanted urine clear of the body, may be convenient, but it is not essential. Women don't have an extending penis and they manage fairly well.  So do lower animals that have no penis at all.


When all is said and done the penis is designed and constructed for sex.  The job of the penis is to provide a tube passing deeply into the female body so that male germ cells,  the sperms, can be deposited safely well inside her and have the best possible chance of making her pregnant.  Everything about the penis is intended to further that aim.  When it is not being sexual it is a quiet, soft little organ, tucked out of the way in a fairly safe place and causing no trouble to anyone.  Sexually aroused it becomes a rigid communication duct, singularly awkward in size, shape and position for any other purpose but inseminating the female.




*  *  *



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